Mid Range Performance (f8)

Mid-Range (4-6m) Performance at f8

Zeiss ZF 85mm f1.4 at f8 (centre)
25,603 bytes
Canon 85mm L (Mark 1) f1.4 at f8 (centre)
24,668 bytes

Because no doubt you’re sick of looking at the conical strainer, here’s another section of the frame centre that fairly summarises their differing drawing styles. Ultimately, the Zeiss 85mm has captured more information; there’s a bit more zip in its presentation, giving a better etched sense of spatial separation – but the Canon 85mm has been kinder to the shadow details, and is generally smoother and warmer.

Zeiss ZF 85mm f1.4 at f8 (corner)
25,323 bytes
Canon 85mm L (Mark 1) f1.2 at f8 (corner)
27,804 bytes

No news in the corners. The Canon 85mm L is still fractionally sharper – but remember to make allowances for the Zeiss 85mm, which labours under a framing disadvantage.