Resolution (f8)

Resolution/Performance at f8

Zeiss ZF 85mm f1.4 ar f8 (centre)
58,342 bytes
Canon 85mm L (Mark 1) f1.42 ar f8 centre)
57,429 bytes

What were you expecting from these lenses at f8?!  The slower lens is actually hauling in the f1.2 by this aperture, and there is the merest hair more information coming from the Zeiss. However, it would be laughable if you had to stop the ZF down this far to get the best from it. Let’s hope the mid-range tests give it a shot at redemption.

Zeiss ZF 85mm f1.4 ar f8 (corner)
27,794 bytes
Canon 85mm L (Mark 1) f1.2 ar f8 corner)
26,747 bytes

The Canon doesn’t have much more to give at f8: but then again, by f2.8 the corners were already very fine indeed. By contrast, the Zeiss looks like it’s only now ready to join the party.