Flare & Ghosting

Zeiss ZF 25mm f2.8 v Canon 24mm f1.4 L

Flare / Ghosting

Zeiss ZF 25mm Flare Test
Canon 24mm L Flare Test

That’s T* for you . . . outstanding control of flare in this provocative worst case scenario image: a naked point light source at close range, raking across the front element. The Canon 24mm L (bottom) is in all sorts of trouble: elongated ghosts (internal reflections) and blobs all over the place, and a wide low contrast halo around the light. These artefacts rarely show up unless you do something this stupid, of course, but it’s much safer to leave the sun in shot with the Distagon than it is with the L. Two points for the Zeiss.

Here’s those halos in close up (100% view, unsharpened): again Zeiss first, followed by the Canon L.

Zeiss 25mm Flare Test 2
Canon 24L Flare Test