You didn’t expect a 3.2MP camera phone with a fixed optic the size of a contact lens to match a proper camera, did you? But then again, I wasn’t expecting a 7×5 print from such a modest device to be half as good.

Bear in mind that 100% actual pixel crops are much more revealing than a photographic print: in reality the difference between this trio, under these circumstances, is relatively subtle.

The bottom line is that for the first time a camera phone is good enough to suspend disbelief: a 7×5 print contains no critical flaws obvious enough to impair ‘immersion’ in the image.

Clearly the larger the print, the greater the gulf would be, but like I said before: how many A3 prints can your world contain?

It may not have a zoom, it’s low-light abilities may be non-existent, and in a strict analysis it isn’t even quite as good as a 5MP dedicated compact, but one thing is for sure: as long as you’re carrying your phone, you’ll never miss a shot because you left your camera at home; and that’s progress.

Furthermore, I’ve no doubt that when my mobile phone contract expires in 18 months I’ll be given a free 6MP multimeda player camera phone with a zoom lens, tolerable ISO400 performance and space for half my music library onboard. And who will be buying dedicated P+S cameras then?