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G9 HighRes Mode: 14mm comparison

The 28mm focal length (14mm in MFT) is the gateway to wide-angle. It’s an architectural photographer’s staple. Many lenses cover it: it’s typically at the top of a wide zoom and the low end of a standard zoom – where both tend to be weak. There are few MFT primes in this territory: Panasonic has […]

High Res on the Lumix G9 and S1R: Introduction

The fundamentals of shooting in the Lumix G9’s high-res mode were sketched out when the camera was released in 2017. Likely you’ve already read Damien Demolder’s article; if you haven’t, that’s a good place to begin. In 2019, MFT seems to be clinging to a rather precarious foothold supported by Panasonic’s critical mass in the […]