Chromatic Aberration

The following  150% and 200% crops demonstrate the degree and type of CA evident at f4 (or f3.5) and at f11. As before, the Olympus 18mm is on the left, the Leica 19mm is in the middle, and the Canon 16-35mm II at 18mm is on the right

Chromatic Aberration Test 1

At wide apertures the Leica is the least affected by CA, but at f11, there’s little to choose between it and the Canon 16-35mm. Again, this represents a big improvement over the Mark I.

Chromatic Aberration Test 2

The Olympus’ lateral CA is of the same blue/yellow flavour as the 19mm Elmarit, but the fringing is a few pixels wider. Interestingly, the Canon L reverses the wide aperture performance to put in a respectable showing at f11. It exhibits a relatively well defined, narrow fringe of red/green CA.