Resolution (f8)

Performance at f8 (Extreme Upper Left Corner)

canon24l_f8 Canon 24mm f1.4 L at f8 (corner)
olympus24mm_f8 Olympus 24mm f2.8 at f5.6 (centre)
nikon24mm_f8 Nikon 17-35: 24mm/f5.6 (centre)

Rather than attempt to even out the framing differences, this represents the extreme cornermost section of each image at 100%. Before writing off the AFS 17-35mm altogether, in its defence I must point out that the Nikon’s performance deteriorates from 24mm to 35mm: it’s considerably better in the corners at 20mm / f8, for instance. In this it is opposite to the Canon 16-35mm L which from 28-35mm is an exceptionally fine lens, but which isn’t competitive at shorter focal lengths.

The crunch question here is calling the tackle made by the Canon L on the Olympus 24mm. The crowd’s sympathies lie with the underdog Zuiko rather than the overpriced glamourboy with the red bandana . . . but the linesman and ref have conferred and agree on what may be a decisive verdict: TWO POINTS for team Canon; ONE for Olympus and nothing for Nikon. The 24L is close to perfect to the cornermost pixel – at last! one, solitary, lens at this focal length that can live with with demands made Canon’s full frame sensors.